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A great roof is weathertight and designed to guard the home from inclement weather, such as rain and snow, as well as protect you from other outside elements. So is it even necessary to bother with insulating your roof if it fulfils its basic purpose? The answer to this is YES.

There are many reasons why insulation is important, including:

  • Maintaining a comfortable temperature within your home all year round, including during the extreme cold in the winter months and unbearable heat in the summer months;
  • Increasing the energy efficiency of your home, which will save you money from heating and cooling costs;
  • Minimizing external noise pollution

Our Insulation

At Sameday Roofing, we use Fiberglass, which consists of small particles of spun glass fibers. Fiberglass is commonly available in two forms, including batts & rolls as well as loose fill. We offer Fiberglass in its loose fill form because it is:
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install in difficult-to-reach areas
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Able to be used on its own or added to other types of insulation to fill any gaps and provide an additional heat barrier

Insulation as an Investment

While the materials in themselves are cost-effective, installation costs are often the most expensive part of any insulation project and require a professional to perform the job. In addition to the actual installation, these costs can include changes to the framing, cladding, and finishes of your home. The long-term energy savings over a span of about 25 years can offset the cost you pay for the roof to zero in terms of the associated heating and cooling expenses. In other words, the cost savings you realize from updating your insulation will equal what you pay upfront. For this reason and for the other reasons mentioned above, upgrading the insulation is a wise and efficient choice that will add value to your home.

Our Installation Process

To insulate your home, we use loose fill Fiberglass by blowing it into open attic spaces, giving complete and even coverage. While it can sometimes be mildly invasive and messy, we generally need to install insulation through the hatch in the bedroom or hallway. In the scenario where it comes to replacing your roof entirely, we are able to install your new insulation from the outside of the home, directly through the roof, which eliminates this mess and traffic inside your home.

When the time comes to update your insulation, contact the professionals at Sameday Roofing to start your free in-house quote.


See What Our Satisfied Customers Have To Say

  • Wendy F
    Definately recommend Sameday Roofing. This is a 5 star company. Sameday Roofing is mid level pricing wise, however all the materials they use are rated in the top 3 in Canada. They have an A+ BBB rating. This was a large job, with new blown in insulation, attic baffles, all new roofing deck boards, new vents and of course new shingles. They even went out of their way to remove an old, large aluminum awning. The entire job was completed in a day as advertised. The crew were polite, professional, knowledgeable and job site was very clean. This company is very honest and the owner sets a high standard for his crew.
    Wendy F
  • Terry
    Contacted Sameday Roofing after the windstorm yesterday afternoon. I received a recommendation from friends who were pleased with their service. We found the customer service excellent. Wayne & Richard were great & help was on the way this morning. Shane & his two assistants were also very informative & helpful, so polite etc. They were able to handle the major problem so we can cope until they can put in our new roof. We had poor quality & customer service from our previous roofers so we were so pleased with Sameday for helping us. Keep up the good work & see you soon for our new roof!! Thank you.
  • Nes
    Very good experience, showed up on time as promised and did a great job , better than expected. Richard was great to work with, very friendly and professional, definitely recommended.
  • Stella Simpson
    Very pleased with their response and work done. I had a small job, a bay window roof, they fitted me in the next day between their big jobs. They take a lot of pride in what they do and interaction with the customer. I am seriously considering for them to do my main roof.
    Stella Simpson
  • Bryan Gillespie
    One phone call and the same evening I had my concern dealt with on my roof that another company had done a few years back. Richard came out and was so helpful and knowledgeable with it i felt at ease. What a excellent local company serving the Hamilton and surrounding area. Wish I had them do the complete job originally. I definitely would recommend them to friends and family.
    Bryan Gillespie
  • Jesus Lopez
    I was very happy with the job that was completed at my house as they were very professional, courteous and have an extensive knowledge in this business. They completed the job in 2 days and kept the entire property clean throughout the entire process, I highly recommended.
    Jesus Lopez
  • Mitch Denham
    I was very concerned about the condition of my roof. I gave Sameday Roofing a call and recieved an estimate within 48 hrs. They are a very professional group of guys, polite and and quality of work was excelent. Very pleased with the price, work, and timely manor the job was completed. Awesome Thank very much
    Mitch Denham
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